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New research signifies “substantial” charges of COVID-19 infections in pets whose homeowners have contracted the coronavirus, HealthDay reports. As reported in Smithsonian Magazine, the study indicates that cats additionally construct a “robust immune response” after they’re infected. Cats that had been contaminated with the virus had been positioned in a room with healthy cats, who contracted the virus after a couple of days. The firm Pets News mentioned that because animal-to-animal transmission exists, pets will need a vaccine also to help fully eradicate COVID-19. Thankfully, most cats and canines who’ve had the virus solely get mildly sick and then fully recover. “My recommendation would be that if folks suspect there’s something wrong with their animal they contact their vet,” Ferasin told the newspaper.

  • The taskforce advised this potentially made canine theft extra interesting to criminals in search of to profit from the spike in demand for pets.
  • We strongly encourage everybody to deliver their new pet, along with the medical history, to a veterinarian inside three days for follow-up exams and vaccination boosters.
  • Diet is dependent upon the species, breed, age, health, and exercise stage of your pet.

“So as an alternative of caring for them for all times, some irresponsible house owners are dumping them and shifting the burden of care to caregivers ,” she added. On top of abandoned pets, SPCA also receives 40 to 60 rehoming requests each month, said Ms Sankar. When the welfare group comes across numerous rabbits of the identical age and breed deserted on the identical time, this raises suspicions that they might have been deserted by an unauthorised breeder, she added. Unlike canine, it isn’t compulsory to microchip pet rabbits in Singapore. This makes it hard to identify whether or not the rabbits come from legitimate shops or unauthorised breeders, stated Ms Tan.